A zero waste fashion industry with AI.

Uniting Fashion Designers and AI for Sustainable Innovation.

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AquaAI Fashion Studio

Collection, concept, and design studio for a future fashion industry

How does it works?

1. Define your fashion concepts

Begin by defining your fashion concepts, including clothing categories, color schemes, trends, and more. Need inspiration? AquaiAI has you covered with its built-in database of the latest fashion trends.

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2. Bring your mood board to life

Choose your preferred method to transform your fashion concepts into creative AI-generated designs.

3. Sit back, relax, and enjoy

Once you're ready, AquaiAI will generate designs for you. You can use the current generation or generate another one to find the perfect design.

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What you can do with it ?

Lead creative like a pro

Experience the power of advanced technology in fashion design. Discover a groundbreaking tool that empowers designers to lead creatively like never before. Unlock your imagination, redefine boundaries, and create impressive designs that make a lasting impact.

Textile Design

Unleash your artistic potential and elevate your fabric and textile designs to new heights. Explore endless possibilities within captivating patterns, textures, and colors. From luxurious silk to intricate weaves, let your creations speak volumes with fabrics that radiate style and sophistication.

Pattern Development

Make a bold statement with your designs through the magic of print and pattern development. Create striking motifs, dynamic compositions, and captivating color combinations that inspire and captivate. Transform your creations into unforgettable fashion statements.

Conceptual Fashion Illustrations

Capture the essence of your design concepts through stunning conceptual fashion illustrations. Express your creativity and vision with illustrations that breathe life into your ideas. From graceful draping to intricate details, let your illustrations convey the artistic brilliance behind your fashion designs.

Mood Boards and Visual Inspiration

Fuel your creativity and ignite inspiration with mood boards that transport you to a realm of infinite possibilities. Curate a visual journey filled with captivating images, colors, textures, and concepts that shape your creative vision. Let your mood boards guide your design process and breathe life into your unique style.

Virtual Prototyping and Visualization

Experience the future of fashion design with virtual prototyping and visualization. Embrace a seamless and efficient design process as you bring your ideas to life digitally. Visualize your creations, assess proportions, and refine details without the need for physical prototypes.

How much does it cost?

Pre-order Offer:





  • LIMITED: 60% off pre-orders

  • Unlimited images(fast limited)

  • New product design

  • Sketch to product

  • Existing design variation

  • Brand style(training + extra pay)

  • 100GB file storage.

  • Pay one month.

  • Use your own API key

  • 15 days money-back

  • Email support


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